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Somali Musician, Kept from US Internship, Blames Trump Travel Ban.

The Somali musician Hassan-Nour Sayid — known by his stage name, Aar Maanta — and his band, the Urban Nomads, were supposed to be in Minnesota last week, where they were to kick off a monthlong internship of performances and workshops set up through the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.

Visa delays, however, have led to the cancellation of the event, and Aar told VOA he thinks it is because the Trump administration has delayed his visa to come to the U.S. because he is Muslim and Somali.

“After months of planning these peaceful events, I was expecting only the inevitable reasons could bring them to a disappointing halt, but now I think it is because of being Muslim and Somali. Why I was discriminated and singled out in the visa process,” Aar told VOA Somali. “I blame the current U.S. government.”

Dual citizenship

Aar is a respected and well-known band leader, with dual citizenship in Somalia and Britain, though he says these qualifications did not help him get a U.S. visa “easily and on time.”


“My four other colleagues — musicians in the band — are Italian, French, Nepalese-Scottish and British-Caribbean, and all received their visas with no trouble. Only me. I think it is because I am the band’s sole Somali and Muslim member,” he said.

He said his passport was held by the U.S. consulate, and he was told his application was placed under “additional administrative processing.”
In an email, a State Department official told VOA they were not able to discuss individual visas.

“Since visa records are confidential under the Immigration and Nationality Act, we are not able to discuss individual visa cases. We would also note that visa applications do not include questions pertaining to religious identity/affiliation. U.S. immigration law does not contain visa ineligibilities based on religious identity/affiliation,” the official wrote.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert, who on Tuesday addressed a question by VOA on a visa denial to the ousted Venezuela attorney general, said visa applications are confidential under federal law.

“So visa applications — and those are confidential, so no matter who it is or what the cause is, that’s something that we don’t comment on. I think we’ve talked about that before. They’re confidential under a federal law,” Nauert said.


Aar — a Somali singer, songwriter, actor, composer, instrumentalist and music producer — moved to the United Kingdom in the late 1980s, on the eve of the civil war in Somalia. He has lived there since, and has received his British citizenship. But he says he always realized that holding a Western passport would not change “his true identity.”

“I was always telling my Somali fans that it does not matter whether you have a British passport or American passport or the passport of any other Western country, you will always and forever remain Somali,” he said.

Under a revised travel order signed last month by President Donald Trump, travelers to the United States from eight countries face new restrictions, which take effect Oct. 18. The new executive order will affect citizens from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Chad, North Korea and Venezuela.

The new restrictions ban Somali immigrants from entry to the U.S., according to immigration attorneys. However, non-immigrants who are seeking business or tourist visas, such as Aar, must undergo additional screening measures.

According to tour organizers, the Urban Nomads have worked with the Cedar Cultural Center twice before, where they performed live music, led songwriting and held poetry workshops for young people. During the planned trip, though, the band would have extended its performances outside the metro area, carrying a message of unity for Somali-American communities.

Surprised by visa challenges

In a written statement, Fadumo Ibrahim, the program’s manager at the Cedar Cultural Center, said she was surprised by the visa challenges the musician faced, given his work with the center in the past.

“This case is a concrete example of how travel restrictions and the travel ban limit artistic voices and freedom,” Ibrahim said. “While it’s obviously important for the artists, it’s equally important for the community who had been anticipating this residency.

“Aar Maanta’s visit to Minnesota would have brought hope and positivity to the Somali and larger communities here at a time when we all really need it,” she said.

Midnimo, the Somali word for “unity,” is a program that features Somali artists from Minnesota and around the world in residencies and events that increase understanding of Somali culture through music.

The center said, “Midnimo is reviving and preserving Somalia’s rich musical traditions while fostering social connections between generations and cultures in the heart of the largest Somali diaspora in North America.”


Back to the land: Friction as Somali exiles return home.

In this Somali village, residents say life under al Shabaab Islamists is safer than when the government controlled the area


In Somalia’s Raqayle village, life under al Shabaab Islamists can be brutal, with public beheadings, and bizarre – with edicts about wearing socks – but locals feel safer than when the government controlled the area and violently ousted them.

More than 70 villagers fled to nearby Afgoye town in 2014 when a dozen government soldiers and policemen forced them off a 128-acre farm, which was claimed by an exile returning from Britain.

“They were just terrorising us,” said one villager, Hodan, describing how the man from the diaspora sped in with cars full of armed men who smashed in doors with their rifles, looted water pumps and filled a well with sand and debris.

“My sister, who was five months pregnant, was so upset she miscarried,” another villager, Warsame, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, which is about an hour’s drive southeast of Raqayle.

Both women declined to give their real names.

Similar stories can be heard across south-central Somalia, where better security is encouraging wealthy exiles who fled in the 1990s to return home – often igniting fresh land conflicts.

Since 2011, United Nations-backed government forces and African Union troops have pushed the militant group al Shabaab out of major towns and cities.

“The federal government is encouraging diaspora to come back,” Somalia’s information minister Abdirahman Omar Osman told the Thomson Reuters Foundation via email.

“The country needs their skills, knowledge, and expertise.”

Osman said conflict can arise when returnees start rebuilding on land which others have lived on for decades.

“There are special committees dealing with all disputes, and if there are serious cases then courts settle them,” he said.


Resolving tens of thousands of land disputes, some of which date back to the 1970s, is a complex task as the process is unclear, said Kenneth Menkhaus, a political science professor at Davidson College in the United States.

“It’s a mess,” he said, adding that side with the most firepower, money or influential clan connections usually wins.

“Armed settlers claims on land are illegitimate – they are just a form of land grabbing.”

Clans form the bedrock of Somali society and identity, and decisions about most aspects of life are made collectively within them.

“One’s claim to land is anchored pretty strongly to one’s clan,” Menkhaus said by phone. “This is rights by blood.”

In Raqayle, the returning exile belongs to a more powerful clan than the villagers, said Ubdi Omar Wallin, founder of the charity Women in Action Against Malnutrition (WAAMO), which took the land dispute to court.

“(He) didn’t come to the villagers and say: ‘This is my land’,” said Wallin, who has lived in the United States since she was 17, when her family fled that part of Somalia.

“He just did all the paperwork by himself and came up with soldiers to destroy,” she said, referring to the title deeds acquired by the new owner.

WAAMO had been supporting a group of poor widows, including Hodan and Warsame, who were given a three-acre portion of the 128-acre farm by its owner, who lived in the village.

The charity provided the women with irrigation and a daycare centre in 2013, so that they could grow okra, cucumbers and peppers, selling the excess at a local market.

But the land lay idle after the government militia took over, carrying out regular patrols. They allowed the villagers to return home, but they did not feel secure enough to farm.

The court case stalled as the respondent did not attend.

The villagers of Raqayle only picked up their seeds and tools again after al Shabaab recaptured the area in 2015.

Few Somalis have faith in the judicial system, which is plagued by graft, or in the government, where both the president and the prime minister are diaspora returnees.

Menkhaus said the government should set up a land tribunal or a hybrid commission that included traditional authorities and land experts who are regarded as clean.

“That is where al Shabaab has far and away the greatest advantage on this land issue,” he said, as the militants are seen as less corrupt.

The Islamists often bring wrangling parties together to agree on a solution, asking elders to give testimony about the history of disputed plots, the women of Raqayle said.

The villagers now live under Sharia law, which includes decapitation of government collaborators and a fine of bullets and guns for chewing the narcotic shrub khat.

Women were even ordered to wear socks for modesty while washing in the river, until one slipped and got hurt and the edict was revoked, they said.

But, generally, life is peaceful.

“Now, there is no harassment by soldiers,” said Shemsa, one of the widow farmers.

“We don’t go to (al Shabaab), and they don’t come to us.”

(Reporting by Amanda Sperber. Editing by Katy Migiro.; Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women’s rights, trafficking, property rights and climate change. Visit http://news.trust.org to see more stories.)

–: The Thomson Reuters 

DHAGEYSO:-Barnaamijka Galab Wanagsan {5:05PM}{12-10-2017}

Muqdisho:-KNN:-Akhristeyaasheena ku Xiran Bogga Radiokulmiye.net,waxaan halkaan idin kugu soo gudbin doonaa barnaamijka:-Galab Wanag san ee Maalin kasta ka baxa KNN waxaana halkaan ka soo jeediya:-Burhaan Diini Faarax iyo Farxiyo Xuseen Cali:-

Farsamadii:-Shariif Cabdulle Maxamed:-

Halkaan  ka dhageyso Barnaamijka Galab Wanagsan:-

War Deg Deg ah:- Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga Soomaaliya oo Goor dhow iscasilay

Muqdisho–KNN– Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga Xukumadda Soomaaliya C/rashiid C/llaahi Maxamed ayaa Goor Dhow ku dhawaaqay inuu iska Casilay Xilka Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga Soomaaliya,waxaana uu isku hor casilay Kulankii Golaha Wasiiradda Soomaaliya ee Galabta ay ku yeesheen Magaalada Muqdisho.

Sidoo kale waxaa si lamid ah Kulanka Golaha Wasiiradda isku hor casilay Taliyihii Ciidamada Xoogga Dalka Gen. Axmed Jimcaale Cirfiid,waxaana lagu badalay Gen Cabdi Jaamac Warsame Gorad oo noqday Taliyaha Cusub ee Ciidamada Xoogga Dalka.

Illaa hadda lama oga Sababta Rasmiga ah ee ka dambeysa Iscasilaadda Wasiirka Difaaca Soomaaliya iyo Taliyaha Ciidamada Xoogga iyo waxa ku soo beegay Xilligaan.

Wixii ku soo kordha Dib kala soco Insha Allah

War Deg Deg ah:- Taliyaha Ciidamada Xoogga Dalka Gen Cirfiid oo iscasilay

Muqdisho–KNN--Taliyaha Ciidamada Xoogga Dalka Soomaaliya Gen Axmed Jimcaale Cirfiid ayaa Goor dhow iska casilay Xilka Taliyaha Ciidamada Xoogga Dalka ,waxaana la Magacaabay Taliyaha Cusub Ee Ciidamada Xoogga Dalka.

Shirka Golaha Wasiirada ayaa sidoo kale lagu Magacaabay Taliyaha Cusub ee Ciidamada Xoogga Dalka,waxaana laga dhigay Gen Cabdi Jaamac Warsame Gorad.

Illaa hadda lama shaacin Sababta rasmiga ah ee uu isku Casilay Taliyihii Ciidamada Milatariga Soomaaliya Gen Axmed Jimcaale Cirfiid.

Wixii ku soo kordha dib kala soco Insha Allah


DHAGEYSO:-Barnaamijka Kulanka KNN{3:00PM}{12-10-2017}

Muqdisho:-KNN:-Akhristeyaasheena ku Xiran Bogga Radiokulmiye.net,waxaan halkaan idin kugu soo gudbin doonaa barnaamijka:-Kulanka KNN ee Maalin kasta ka baxa KNN marka laga reebo Jimcaha,waxaana halkaan ka soo jeediya:-Burhaan Diini Faarax:

Farsamadii:-Shariif Cabdulle Maxamed

Halkaan ka dhageyso Barnaamijka Kulanka KNN oo Dhameystiran:-

Madaxda Maamul Gobaleedyada oo deegaanadooda ku laabtay.

Kismaayo-KNN-Dhammaan Madaxweynayaasha Maamul Gobaleedyada Dalka ayaa maanta dib ugu laabtay deegaanadooda kadib markii shalay u soo xirmay kulankii ay ku lahaayeen Kismaayo kaas oo ay qodobo ka soo saareen.

C/wali Maxamed Cali “Gaas” Madaxweynaha Puntland ayaa ka degay magaalada Boosaaso, Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan Madaxweynaha Koonfur Galbeed  ayaa ku laabtay magaalada Baydhabo Axmed Ducaalle Geelle “Xaaf” Madaxweynaha Galmudug lagu soo dhaweeyay Cadaado halka Madaxweynaha Hirshabeelle Maxamed cabdi Waare uu ka soo degay Muqdisho.

Madaxweynaha Puntland markii uu ka degay Boosaaso hadal uu siiyay Warbaahinta ayuu ku sheegay shirkaas in uu ahaa mid mudo badan ay ka fakarayeen in la sameeyo madal ay wadaagaan dowlad goboleedyada, si guul ahna uu ku soo dhammaaday.

Axmed Ducaalle Geelle “Xaa”  Madaxweynaha Galmudug ayaa sheegay wixii tabasho ah oo ay ka qabeen Dowladda in ay ku soo bandhigeen shirka, ayna rajeynayaan in wada hadal laga yeesho mad madowg jira.

Qodobadii ka soo baxay Shirkii kismaayo ayaa walaac ka dhax Abuuray Hay’adaha Dowladda Soomaaliya halka shacabkana ay ka qaadeen rajo xumo iyo walaac kale inkastoo Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya uu soo saaray hadal loo arko mid qaboojin kara xiisadda taagan.

Dhageyso:-Casharka Tafsiirka Qur’aanka ee ka baxay Radio Kulmiye{12-10-2017}

Muqdisho–KNN:–Akhristeyaasheena ku Xiran Bogga Radiokulmiye.net,waxaan maanta halkaan idinkugu soo gudbineynaa Casharka Tafsiirka Qur’aanka Kariimka,waxaana halkaan ka soo jeedinaya Sheekh Maxamuud Aw-Cabdulle Cariif Ajar aan la soo koobi karin Alle ha ka siiyee.

Halkaan ka dhageyso Casharka Tafsiirka Qur’aanka Kariimka:-

Ururada Xamaas iyo Fatax oo sheegay in ay heshiis gaareen.

Muqdisho-KNN-Ururuka Xamaas ee Falastiiniyiinta ayaa sheegay in ay heshiis la gaareen ururka Fatax ee ay is hayeen, arrintaas oo soo afjaraysa is maandhaaf toban sano soo taagnaa.

Xamaas oo maamusha marinka Qaza ayaa sheegtay in faahfaahinta heshiiska la baahin doona galinka dambe ee Khamiista, Fataxse wali arrintan kama hadlin.

Masar ayaa labadan garab ku dhexdhexaadinaysa wadahadallo ka dhacay magaalada Qaahira.

Falastiiniyiinta ku kala nool marinka Qaza iyo Daanta Galbeed ayaa la kala maamulayay tan iyo markii ay labadan kooxood dagaalameen 2007dii.

Warbaahinta taageerta ururka Xamaas ee Falastiiniyiinta ee HPIS ayaa shaacisay go’aankan, waxayna itaas ku dartay in faahfaahinta lagu sheegi doono shir jaraa’id oo ka dhici doona magaalada Qaahira maanta duhurkii.

Sami Abu Zuhri oo ah afhayeen u hadlay Xamaas Arbacadii ayaa sheegay in wadahadallada Qaaahiro ay yihiin “kuwo ay ka go’aansho ka ka muuqato oo qoto dheer”.

Bishii hore ayay Xamaas ogolaatay in ay kala dirto guddiga maamula Qaza.

Tallaabadaas ayaa ahayd dalabka ugu wayn ee madaxweynaha Falastiin Maxamuud Cabaas oo Fatax-da uu ka tirsan yahay ay maamusho Marinka Qaza inta badanna gacanta ku haya maamulka Falastiiniyiinta.

Ra’iisulwasaaraha Rami Hamdallah ayaa markaas ka dibna safar naadir ah ku tagay magaalada Qaahira.

Wuxuu sheegay in maamulka Falastiin uu billaabi doono la wareegiidda maamulidda Qaza iyo “masuuliyadda ammaankeedaba”

Israa’iil, Maraykanka, Midawga Yurub, UK iyo quwado kalaba waxay argagixio u aqoonsadeen guud ahaan Xamaas iyo garabkeeda hubaysan.


Xigasho BBC

Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya oo u yeeray Madaxda Maamul Gobaleedyada ee ku Shiray Kismaayo.

Muqdisho-KNN-Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed C/llaahi farmaajo ayaa u yeeray dhamaan Madaxweynayaasha Maamul Gobaleedyada Dalka kuwaas oo shalay magaalada Kismaayo ugu soo dhamaaday Shirkii ugu horeeyay oo ay yeeshaan Madaxda Maamulada.

Wararka ay heshay Idaacadda Kulmiye ayaa sheegaya in Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya uu lahadlay Madaxweynayaasha Maamulada kana dalbaday in si deg deg ah u yimaadaan Magaalada Muqdisho si looga wada hadlo muranka u dhaxeeya Dowladda dhexe iyo Madaxda Maamul Gobaleedyada.

Xubno Wasiiro ah oo ka tirsan sadax maamul gobaleed iyo saraakiil ka tirsan Madaxtooyada Soomaaliya ayaa Idaacadda Kulmiye u xaqiijiyay in Madaxweynayaasha Maamul Gobaleedyada 20-ka bishaan looga yeeray Madaxtooyada Soomaaliya si looga hadlo cabashada ay qabaan loona helo is faham iyo wada shaqeyn dhax marta dowladda Dhexe iyo Madaxda Maamul Gobaleedyada.

Hadal qoraal ah oo xalay ka soo baxay Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya ayaa lagu sheegay in caqabad kasta oo taagan lagu xaliyo is fahan iyo wadahal iyadoo madaxweynaha Sheegay in uu dareemayo walaaca ay qabaan Madaxda maamul Gobaleedyada.

Qoraalkii xalay ka soo baxay Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed c/llaahi farmaajo iyo shirkaan loogu yeeray madaxweynayaasha Maamul gobaleedyada 20-ka bishaan ayaa u muuqda mid Damin kara jahwareerka siyaasadeed ee ka taagan Soomaaliya maalmihii la soo dhaafay.