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Plane carrying deportees to Somalia returns to the United States.

 A plane with deportees to Somalia, including at least four from Minnesota, returned to the United States on Friday after a stop in Senegal that authorities said did not go according to plan.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement that a flight with 92 deportees headed back after a refueling and pilot exchange stop in Dakar. As the plane landed in Dakar, ICE was notified that relief crew members were not able to get enough rest because of issues with their hotel, and the plane remained parked at the airport to allow the relief crew time to rest.

“Various logistical options were explored, and ultimately ICE decided to reschedule the mission to Somalia and return to the United States with all 92 detainees,” said the statement from the agency.

Local attorneys for several of the deportees on the flight said they were baffled by the turn of events — but hopeful the flight’s return might offer some of their clients a long-shot opening to block their deportations.

The number of Somalia natives the United States deports to their homeland has increased markedly in recent years, and the Trump administration this year removed that country from a list of nations deemed uncooperative on deportations.

The U.S. government has argued that conditions in the East African country have improved sufficiently to return people there. Advocates have pointed to a string of deadly terror attacks in Somalia as they insist the country remains unsafe.

John Bruning, an attorney at Kim Hunter Law in St. Paul, said his office had two clients on the flight, both of whom unsuccessfully applied for asylum in the late 1990s and early 2000s. After receiving final deportation orders, they had been checking in with ICE regularly for years until they were detained earlier this year. One of them worked as a cardiovascular technician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. In a dramatic last-minute turnaround, a federal judge blocked temporarily the deportations of two other clients who were slated to be on Thursday’s flight. A third client’s case was reopened by the Board of Immigration Appeals.”

“We’re still trying to wrap our minds around what is going on,” Bruning said.

Bruning said the two men on the flight have pending claims with the Board of Immigration Appeals, though it is unlikely that decisions in those cases will come during what will probably be a short stint in the United States until another flight to Africa can be arranged. Still, he said his office is trying to find out more about the circumstances of the return to determine if it might offer any chance to make a fresh case on their behalf.

Habon Osman, whose husband, Cabduqaadir Mayow, was on the plane, said she hoped its return might give him another chance. The couple is legally married, but her husband was arrested days before their religious ceremony. “It’s the worst story of my life,” she said. “I have a little bit of hope he came back, but you never know.”

Linus Chan at the University of Minnesota’s Center for New Americans, which is representing another deportee on the flight, said he’s also exploring whether the plane’s return might provide an opening for his client. He said he’s encouraged by the outcome in federal court for Kim Hunter Law’s three clients.

Chan said the flight’s return seems like an ordeal for those on board, though he noted ICE might not be at fault for the issues in Dakar. The agency said the air-conditioning remained on throughout the stay in Dakar, and the plane was stocked with enough food and water.

“You’ve been sitting in detention for months,” he said. “You’re on a plane to Somalia, and the next thing you know you are heading back to the U.S. That’s got to be terrible.”

Staff writer Faiza Mahamud contributed to this report.

LEAGUES Banadir hands Jubbaland 2-1 in 2017 inter-State football tourney opener

Hosts Banadir made a positive start in the second edition of Somalia’s Inter-State football tournament 2017 after shocking Jubbaland 2-1 in the opener match at Stadium Banadir on Friday.

Mohamed Omar Abukar signed the first goal for Banadir region in the 47th minute of the match, becoming the first goal scorer of this year’s edition of the competition, while ten minutes later; striker Nur Iraad Abdullahi doubled making the match 2-0 in favor of his banadir region team.

Abdiweli Abdirahman Mohamed of Banadir scored an own goal in the 75th minute of the match. This had given Jubbaland rivals a little bit of motivation although they were unable to equalize due to Banadir who seemed to have dominated most of the match in the second half preventing their opponents to score.

The Second edition of the Somali Inter-State Football tournament was opened by the prime minister of the federal republic of Somalia Hassan Ali Kheyre, while Somali Minister for youth and sports Honorable Khadija Mohamed Diriye was honored to kick the first ball of the competition.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Hirshabelle State will take on South West State at Stadium Banadir in the second day of the fixtures.

Somalis protest Trump’s Jerusalem move.

Thusands of Somalis took to the streets after Friday prayers in the capital Mogadishu to protest U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

The protesters, young and old, raised anti-America slogans. “Down with America, down with Israel,” they chanted.

“Trump will not win this war against Muslims,” Mohamed Aadan Ismail, one of the protesters told Anadolu Agency.

The mosques during the Friday sermon called for peace in the world, especially Palestine.

The Somalian government in a statement said: “We call upon the United States to seriously consider the consequences of this decision in the Middle East and the world.”

On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump announced the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to the holy city

The controversial decision angered Muslims and a number of demonstrations were held all around the world.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem — now occupied by Israel — might eventually serve as the capital of a future Palestinian state.


UN welcomes signing of power sharing deal in central Somalia.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Michael Keating, has welcomed the signing of power-sharing deal between Galmudug administration and moderate Islamic group, Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a in central Somalia.

Keating in a statement issued on Thursday night lauded the role played by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in facilitating meetings in Nairobi and Djibouti between the two parties.

“This is good news for the people of Galmudug and for all Somalis. Resolving conflicts through dialogue is the best way forward,” he added.

The power-sharing agreement was signed by Galmudug State President Ahmed Duale Ghelle and Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a (ASWJ) leader Sheikh Shakir.

The agreement which was signed at Villa Somalia was witnessed by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmajo” and Prime Minister Hassan Khaire as well as the country’s federal member state presidents.

Keating said the power sharing deal was a significant step towards forming a viable, unified administration in Galmudug.

The parties had not met since the formation of Galmudug state in July 2015, but reached a breakthrough during a workshop held in Djibouti earlier this month.

Keating who noted that outstanding issues still need to be addressed encouraged all stakeholders — including the two parties, the central government, local representatives and authorities, assembly members and civil society — to maintain momentum to finalize and implement the agreement.

The regional bloc has played a mediation role in bringing together the rival sides in Galmudug, a federal member state in central Somalia established in 2014.

Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a, a moderate Islamist group is opposed to Al-Shabaab militant group but sympathetic to the central government.

Dhageyso:-Barnaamijka Falanqeynta Wararka (09-12-2017)

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Halkaan  Ka Dhageyso BarnaamijkaFalanqeynta:

Ciidamada Puntland oo Saakay Baaritaano ka bilaabay Degaanka Af-urur ee gobalka Barri.

Af-urur-KNN-Wararka Naga soo gaaraya tuulooyin u dhow degaanka af-urur ee gobalka barri ayaa sheegaya in saakay ciidamada amaanka puntland ay howlgalo ka wadaan degaankasi,kadib markii Al-Shabaab ay weerar ku qaadeen saldhig ciidamada puntland ay ku leeyihiin deegaankaasi.

Saraakiisha Amaanka puntland ayaa sheegay in saakay ku baxeen degaanka af-urur ee gobalka,si halkaasi ay ugu saaraan dagaalamayaasha ka tirsan Al-Shabaab.

Sidoo kale waxaa ay saraakiisha Xaqiijiyeen in Dhawaan ay weerar ku qaadi doonaan Dagaalamayaasha Daacish iyo Al-Shabaabka ku sugan buuraha galgala,calmadow iyo degaano kale oo ka tirsan gobalka bari,maadaama halkaasi ay ku dhuumaaleysanayaan.

Xaalada degaanka af-urur ayaa saakay ah mid degan,marka laga reebo howlgalka ay ciidamada Amaanka Puntland ay howlgalo ka wadaan degaankaasi.

Mana jirto ilaa iyo hada cid loo soo qab-qabtay howlgalka ay wadaan ciidamada amaanka puntland.

Wixii ku soo kordha la soco.

Wasiiradda Arrimaha Dibadda Jaamacadda oo Shir Deg Deg ah ka yeelanaya Arrinta Qudus

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Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda Soomaaliya Yuusuf Garaad Cumar oo ka mida Wasiiradda ka qeyb galaya Shirka Wasiiradda Arrimaha Dibadda Jaamacadda Carabta ayaa la filayaa inuu Shirka Qudbad ka jeediyo iyo Go’aanka Soomaaliya ay qaadatay in Mareykanka uu ka dhigo Qudus Caasimadad Israa’iil.

Wasiirada ka qeyb galaya  Shirka Wasiiradda Arrimaha Dibadda ayaa  la socday Madaxweynaal ku shiray Magaalada Sharmal-Sheekh ee Dalka Masar kuwaa oo ka qeyb galay Shirka Ganacsiga Afrika ee Magaaladaasi ka qeyb galay.


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Halkaan Riix si aad u dhageysato Warka Subax ee KNN:-

Ciidamada Dowladda oo Saakay Baaritaano ka wada Degmada Afgooye ee G/Sh/Hoose

Afgooye–KNN– Ciidamada Ammaanka Soomaaliya ayaa Saakay Baaritaano kala duwan ka wada Xaafadaha kala Duwan ee Magaalada Afgooye ee Gobolka Shabellaha Hoose.

Ciidamada ayaa Saakay lagu Arkayaa Labada Qeybood ee Magaalada Afgooye,kuwaas oo Baaritaano ku sameynayo Dadka iyo Gaadiidka intaba.

Baaritaanka ka socda Magaalada Afgooye ee Gobolka Shabellaha Hoose ayaa imaanaya Xilli Xalay Magaalada Afgooye lagu dilay Askari ka tirsan Ciidamada Dowladda Soomaaliya.

Maalmo ka hor ayaa Ciidamada Ammaanka Soomaaliya waxaa ay Degmada Afgooye ku qabteen Labo Nin oo la sheegay in ay yihiin Al-shabaab dilalna ay ka geysteen Magaalada Afgooye.


Al-shabaab oo Weerar ku qaaday Degaanka Af-urur Ee Gobolka Bari

Af-urur–KNN– Wararka ka imaanaya Gobolka Bari Ee Maamulka Puntland ayaa sheegaya in Dagaalameyaasha Al-shabaab ay Weerar ku qaadeen Degaanka Af-urur Ee Gobolka Bari oo Fariisin ay ku leeyihiin Ciidamada Daraawiishta Maamulka Puntland.

Ciidamada Maamulka Puntland iyo Dagaalameyaasha Al-shabaab ayaa waxaa dhex maray Dagaal Mudo Kooban socday,waxaana Labada Dhinac ay isku adeegsadeen Hubka Nuucyadiisa kala duwan.

Saraakiil ka tirsan Ciidamada Maamulka Puntland Ee ku sugan Af-urur ayaa Warbaahinta u sheegay in Al-shabaab ay Weerar Gaadmo ah ku soo qaadeen Ciidamada Puntland oo ay iska Difaaceen.

Dhanka kale Al-shabaab ayaa sheegay in Weerarka ay ku qaadeen Ciidamada Puntland ay ku dileen tiro ka mida Ciidamada Daraawiishta Puntland ee ku sugan Degaanka Af-urur.

Al-shabaab ayaa Dhowr jeer Weeraro kala duwan ku qaaday Degaanka Af-urur Ee Gobolka bari,waxaana Weeraradas ka mid ahaa Qaraxyo is xig xiga oo ka dhacay Degaanka Af-urur.