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Somalia president welcomes voting for Lower house members from Somaliland.

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud praises on the launch for voting Lower house members from Somaliland which has started yesterday in Mogadishu, KNN reports.

Elders and politicians from Somaliland are meeting at Halane military bases in Mogadishu to vote their lower house members.

Voting for lower houses members from Somaliland is set to be launched at Halane military camp according to credible sources who spoke to KNN on Tuesday. Elections to choose members of both lower and upper houses are about to start in Mogadishu.

The selection of Somaliland members in the upcoming Somalia’s parliament members is one of the main challenges according to Somali electoral body members.

Reports said that members of Somaliland politicians within the central government in Mogadishu suggested that Halane military camp, the biggest military base for AU troops is safe place for members or delegates electing the lower house members from Somaliland.

Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmaarke is reportedly pleased with the decision which Somaliland politicians decided to hold the voting process inside Halane.

Somalia is close to complete the list of 275 seats for the upcoming lower houses members.  Somaliland has been pursuing self-determination in the past 25 years but is yet to get any international recognition.

Somaliland Information Minister Osman Abdullahi Sahardid told reporters in the region’s capital Hargeisa that Somaliland was keen on pursuing its independence and was therefore not party to the elections.


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