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Removing Galmudug’s president Gulled from office: Regional assembly

President Abdikarim Hussien Gulled of the regional administration Galmudug in central Somalia  has to face a ‘Motion of no confidence’ in Parliament, regional lawmakers said in the weekend, a moved opposed by president Gulled, KNN reports.

Should the regional Assembly by majority vote pass the motion of no confidence, President Gulled will be removed from the office.

“The ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ in President Gulled will be debated in the very chamber soon that has been stormed, desecrated and discredited – as a consequence of his conduct” says one of the Galmudug’s lawmakers who asked to be unnamed.

He accused president Gulled of failing in his duties. “Under Gulled’s Presidency we have witnessed setbacks in the region as more and more citizens in Galmudug areas, especially our youth, have lost hope of finding good services from the goverment,”

President Gulled told reporters in Mogadishu that he felt sorry with the Galmudug lawmakers over the ‘Motion of no confidence ‘against him, calling the regional Assembly to stop it and turn helping drought-affected people in Galmudug regions.

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