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Kulan uu Maanta Hogaan ku Dooran lahaa Guddigii loo xilsaaray Kiiska C/kariin Qalbi-dhagax oo dib u dhacay

Muqdisho–KNN– Warar ay heshay Idaacadda Kulmiye ee Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya inuu dib u dhac ku yimid kulan ay Maanta Hogaan ku dooran lahaayeen  Guddigii loo xilsaaray Kiiska C/kariin Sheekh Muuse Qalbi-dhagax oo ahaa Sargaal sare oo ka tirsan Jabhadda ONLF islamarkaana Dowladda Soomaaliya ay ku Wareejisay Itoobiya.

Xubin ka tirsan Guddiga loo Xilsaaray Kiiska Qalbi-dhagax oo la hadlay KNN ayaa Xaqiijiyay in Kulankii Maanta uu dib u dhacay,waxaana Kulanka Maanta oo ah kii ugu horeeyay ee ay yeelan lahaayeen Guddiga oo ka Kooban 15 Xubnood lagu waday in ay ku Doortaan Guddoomiye iyo Guddoomiye Kuxigeen.

Guddoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan Jawaari ayaa 18-kii Bishaan ku Amray Guddiga loo Xilsaaray Arrinta Qalbi-dhagax in ay 21-ka Bisha oo Maanta ku beegan ay yeeshaan Kulankooda ugu horeeya.

Guddiga ayaa sidoo kale Warbixinta ay soo helaan waxaa laga sugayaa in ay Xildhibaanada Golaha Shacabka u soo gudbiyaan 10-ka Bisha October ee soo socota.

Al-shabaab oo la sheegay in ay isku balaariyeen Degaanno ka tirsan Gobolada Dhexe

Guriceel–KNN– Wararka ka imaanaya Degaanada Ahlusunna ee Gobollada Dhexe ayaa sheegaya in Degaanno hoosyimaada Magaalada Guriceel ay isku Fidiyeen Dagaalameyaal ka tirsan Al-shabaab.

Degaanada ay Shabaabku isku Fidiyeen waxaa la sheegay in ay ka mid yiiin dhagaxyaale iyo  war-dhuumale,kuwaas oo Hoostaga Magaalada Guriceel ee Gobolka Galgaduud.

Guddoomiye Kuxigeenka Kowaad ee Baarlamaanka Ahlusunna C/llaahi Gureey oo la hadlay Saxaafadda ayaa sheegay in ay ka Warhayaan Isbalaarinta Al-shabaab islamarkaana ay ka hortagi doonaan Qorsheyaasha Al-shabaab.

Al-shabaab ayaa Maamula Degaanno dhowr ah oo ka tirsan Gobollada Dhexe ee Ahlusunna,waxaana Ahlusunna ay dhowr jeer sheegtay in ay la dagaalameyso Al-shabaab.

Ethiopia must step up political reforms, U.S. ‘disturbed’ over ethnic clashes.

The United States says Ethiopia must open up its political space if its is to cement its place in the future as a “strong, prosperous and democratic nation.”

This was contained in a press statement released by the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa. The September 19, 2017 statement was referring to reports of escalated ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s Oromia and Somali regions.

“We are disturbed by the troubling reports of ethnic violence and the large-scale displacement of people living along the border between the Oromia and Somali regions, particularly in Hararge, although the details of what is occurring remain unclear.

“We urge the Ethiopian government to conduct a transparent investigation into all allegations of violence and to hold those responsible accountable. At the same time, on the local level, communities must be encouraged and given space to seek peaceful resolutions to the underlying conflicts,” the statement read in part.

The government has admitted that clashes along the border of Ethiopia’s Oromia and Somali regions have displaced around 50,000 people, deaths of another 50 people have been reported according to a senior regional official.

Calls for Ethiopia to reform have been long trumpeted – but political watchers say Addis Ababa has done very little in that direction.

The clashes which have been put down to competition for resources between people in both states has prompted the government to send the military in. The Somalis are predominantly pastoralists whiles the Oromias are largely farmers – the fight for common resources like water and land is part of the official reason advanced.

Another reason is that a referendum meant to clearly define the border regions of the respective states has yet to be fully implemented.

Amidst all of that, Oromo activists hold that the chaos is championed by a federal police unit known as the ‘Liyu Police.’ Activists aver that the unit is stoking the violence with the aim of giving the Oromia region – one of the biggest and most populous in the country – a bad name.

“We believe Ethiopia’s future as a strong, prosperous, and democratic nation depends on open and inclusive political dialogue for all Ethiopians, greater government transparency, and strengthening the institutions of democracy and justice. These recent events underscore the need to make more rapid and concrete progress on reform in these areas.” the release concluded.


Boom for Kenyan miraa traders as shortage.

Miraa traders from Kenya are cashing in on a shortage being experienced in Somaliland following the disruption of the business by conflicts in Ethiopia’s Oromia and Somali regions.

Ethiopia supplies most of the miraa consumed in Hargeisa, Somaliland and Djibouti but recent ethnic conflicts have cut off transport from the miraa growing areas.

In Ethiopia, miraa is largely grown in the eastern regions of Dire Dawa state and Harari region which are both about 200 kilometres from Hargeisa.

On Friday last week, BBC reported that dozens of people had died and at least 30,000 displaced in clashes across Ethiopia’s Oromia and Somali regions in recent days while local media said the conflicts had affected business in eastern Ethiopia.


Speaking to Nation, Nyambene Miraa Traders Association (Nyamita) spokesman Kimathi Munjuri said they are now delivering 12 tonnes of miraa to Hargeisa since last week.

He said they entered the market after traders and consumers in Somaliland protested over shortage of the herb that is highly prized in the region.

“Two aircraft are ferrying 12 tonnes of miraa from Nairobi since last week.

“We have been kept out of the market by hefty taxes and this is why we need government intervention for constant supply. We wish the national government can grab this chance to regularise the trading framework for us to continue with the supply,” Mr Munjuri said.


Miraa is a major tax earner for Somaliland and reports indicate that its sale generated 20 percent of the government’s Sh15 billion budget in 2014.

Somaliland is said to spend over Sh54 billion annually on Ethiopian miraa and the sector is a key source of employment in the unrecognised state.

In 2016, former Meru Governor Peter Munya visited Hargeisa to look for miraa market in a trip that turned controversial.

Mr Munya said Kenyan miraa is charged 300 percent duty while the Ethiopian khat is deducted 100 percent duty making it impossible to compete.

“The miraa market in Somaliland is worth about Sh40 billion which the Meru farmers should share in,” the former governor said.

He had sought to persuade the government of Somaliland to remove the obstacles that have hindered the export of miraa to Hargeisa.

Somaliland broke away from the Federal Republic of Somalia in 1991.

It shares borders with Djibouti to the west, Ethiopia to the south and Somalia to the east, and is yet to be recognised as a sovereign state.

‘DEAD OR ALIVE’: President Trump appears on Al-Qaeda wanted notice.

President Donald Trump is seen in a wanted notice posted by Al-Qaeda supporters that call for his targeting over “crimes against Islam.”

Al-Qaeda has had a resurgence online in recent months, using the heir of the group’s late leader Osama bin Laden—his son Hamza—as a propaganda pawn whose family lineage boosts its image. Now, Al-Qaeda’s supporters are using another notable name to attract attention: President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the Al-Hijrah media group, marked by a green logo and active for only the past several months, released a wanted notice for the U.S. president, calling for his capture “dead or alive.”

The notice, provided to Newsweek by the jihadi monitoring site Jihadoscope, says Trump should be targeted for his “crimes against Islam.” It says he is sought for “treason, murder, injustice, kidnapping, massacre, extremism, negligence, hate.”

The release came a week after the jihadi channel warned it would have “a message to Trump and the people of America coming soon.”

Tuesday’s release also includes a message that pointed to Trump’s decision to expand U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.

“Trump is talking about winning in Afghanistan. And you Americans what do you think? Do you not know history?” it reads, referring to the failure of the Bush and Obama administrations to defeat the Taliban mujahedeen, Arabic for holy warriors.


“It is clear that Trump is waging this war only for his hatred of Muslims,” it says. “You will never be victorious, you will be defeated.” The statement repeats the Taliban phrase that Afghanistan will become a “graveyard” for American troops.

The Taliban is the most prominent insurgent group in the country, and Al-Qaeda is allied with it. Both are vying for influence against a growing Islamic State militant group (ISIS) affiliate in the country.

Al-Qaeda has long been an adversary of the U.S., claiming the deadliest attacks on U.S. soil, the 9/11 hijackings that killed almost 3,000 people in 2001.

The jihadi group’s grievances with the U.S. stem from a hatred of democracy and the Western world, but it has long listed American foreign policy as its main justification for violence against civilian and military targets. The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 gave birth to Al-Qaeda in Iraq, an insurgency that left a bloody trail across the country for occupying Western forces.


That group would later develop and split into what is now ISIS, the target of a U.S.-led coalition of air forces that is bombing the militant group in Iraq and Syria. The U.S. is also conducting drone campaigns against Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabab in Somalia and Al-Qaeda’s most powerful wing, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Trump, throughout his presidential campaign and first months as president, has pledged to go to war on “radical Islamic terrorism.” He has given U.S. commanders greater remit to conduct airstrikes in the Middle East and has put forward a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority nations, a decision that community leaders have suggested will alienate young, disenfranchised Muslims in the U.S. who could sympathize with Al-Qaeda and ISIS propaganda.

But Trump’s war on radical Islamism energized his base of support, and the real threat that extremist groups pose to the president is low because of the resources of the U.S. security services. The wanted notice is less a meaningful threat and more likely an attempt to drum up support among potential supporters in line with the group’s recent recruitment drive.

Using Hamza bin Laden, Al-Qaeda has attempted to rally support for its cause after losing influence to ISIS during the so-called caliphate’s rise from mid-2014 onward. However, ISIS has suffered a series of battlefield losses that have greatly reduced the territory it holds.

In May, Al-Qaeda’s propaganda arm As-Sahab released an English- and Arabic-language audio message from Hamza giving “advice” to “martyrdom seekers in the West.” He mentions conflicts across the Middle East, particularly in support of Sunni Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the West Bank and Gaza Strip, to inspire supporters.

“Be perfect in your choice of targets, so that you may damage your enemies more,” he said. “Be professional in your choice of weapons. It is not necessary that it should be a military tool. If you are able to pick a firearm, well and good; if not, the options are many.”

As Al-Qaeda continues to put out more propaganda, a report released late Monday showed Americans and non-Americans based in the U.S. were some of the most frequent consumers of radical Islamist material, behind only Turkey, and ahead of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Britain. The report, entitled “The New Netwar,” collected data between February 19 and May 3 that showed the U.S. with 10,388 clicks on jihadi propaganda, followed by Saudi Arabia (10,239), Iraq (8,138) and Britain (6,107).

Source: Newsweek.

Terror groups pose biggest threat to Kenya’s security – NIS.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) has singled out terrorism as the biggest threat to Kenya’s national security and development.

In a report presented during the induction of MPs Wednesday, NIS Deputy Assistant Director Alexander Muteshi said that the threat remains high in border counties of Mandera, Wajir, Garissa and Lamu.

Mr Muteshi told the MPs that the threats are propagated by terrorist organisations like the Al-Shabaab that has its cells in neighbouring Somalia and the Islamic State (IS) group that operates in Puntland, Libya, Syria and Iraq.

“What makes the threats dangerous is that they are targeting churches, malls, schools and other public places. But the success against this is the multi-agency approach we have adopted to deal with them,” Mr Muteshi said.

He pointed out that the threats have been pushed away from the cities to the border areas.


He also noted that the National Counter Terrorism Centre has helped in building resilience through educating the youth, the masses and religious groups.

According to Mr Muteshi, the country is already dealing with over 200 returnees from Somalia in South Coast, who are targeting Nyumba Kumi elders, locals and the police.

Some of these gangs are said to operate in groups christened as the Gaza boys, Wakali Wao and Wakali Kwanza, among others.


He also said that online radicalisation, which is a global problem, is another threat.

It is propagated by IS and targets the youth tertiary learning institutions like universities and colleges.

“We are facing an enemy [who] is highly radicalised, [who] has no value for human life, highly idealised and highly trained both militarily and intelligence-wise. They have logisticians who are responsible for transporting weapons and their other logistical requirements,” he said.


Mr Muteshi also warned politicians that ethnic local politics has affected cohesion, development and unity of the country and that it is polarising.

“If it is not dealt with, it will always be there every election year,” he said.

Other external threats, according to the NIS report, include espionage, regional instability like in Somalia and South Sudan and the competition for benefits arising from national interests.

The MPs, more so the new ones, were advised on how they should engage with diplomats as they may fall into the trap of espionage.

Be very careful with what you share with diplomats, they are intelligence officers,” Mr Muteshi told them.


Digniin loo jeediyay Qaar ka mid ah Xildhibaanada Golaha Shacabka.

Muqdisho-KNN-Gudoomiyaha  Golaha Shacabka Soomaaliya Prof Maxamed Shiikh Cusmaan Jawaari ayaa digniin u jeediyay Xildhibaanada ku maqan dalka dibadiisa kuwaas oo qaarkood Safar dibadda ah u raacay Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya.

Prof Jawaari ayaa sheegay in aan mar danbe la ogolaan doonin in xildhibaanada ay dibadda iska aadaan fasax la’aan waxaana kuwa maqan laga dalbaday in ay dib u soo laabtaan Islamarkaana aysan dhicin in ay mar danbe baxaan Fasax la’aan.

Gudoomiyaha ayaa sheegay in Xubnaha shaqada aadaya ama dane kale u baxaya ay ku wargiliyaan Gudoonka Golaha Shacabka iyo Gudoomiyaasha Gudiyada ay ka tirsan yihiin iyo Gudiga Hab dhowr-ka Baarlamaanka Golaha Shacabka.

Hadalka Gudoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka Prof Maxamed Shiikh Cusmaan Jawaari ayaa ku soo beegmaya iyadoo ay dalka ka maqan yihiin Xildhibaano badan kuwaas oo qaarkood raacay Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Xukumada Soomaaliya.

Xildhibaanada Golaha Shacabka oo u yeeray Wasiiro ka tirsan Xukumadda Soomaaliya.

Muqdisho-KNN-Kulankii Xildhibaanada Golaha Shacabka Soomaaliya oo goor-dhaw ku soo gaba-gaboobay magaalada Muqdisho ayaa loogu yeeray 3 Wasiir oo ka tirsan Xukumadda Ra’iisal Wasaare Kheyrre kuwaas oo laga doonayo in ay hor yimaadaan kulankooda ugu soo horeeyo.

Gudoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka ayaa gaba-gabada kulanka sheegay in maalinta Sabtida ee Todobaadka soo socda Xarunta golaha Shacabka looga bahanyahay Wasiirka Warfaafinta Eng C/raxmaan Cumar Cusmaan “Yariisow” Wasiirka Cadaalada Abuukaate Xasan Xuseen Xaaji iyo Wasiirka Wasaaradda Caafimaad Fowsiyo Abiikar Nuur.

Goluhu waxa ay sheegeen in la weydiin doono su’aalo ku saabsan shaqadooda hadii ay imaan waayana ay Golaha Shacabka Sharciga la tiigsan doonaan.

War Deg Deg :-Gabar iska soo tuurtay Hotel ku yaala magaalada Muqdisho.

Muqdisho-KNN-Sida ay Idaacadda Kulmiye u xaqiijiyeen goob joogayaal iyo Shaqaalo ka tirsan Hotel ku yaalo Xaafadda Baar Ubax oo lagu magacaabo Hotel Nasiye waxaa halkaasi iska soo tuurtay Gabar la sheegay in muddo 3 Habeen ah ay halkaasi la joogtay nin la sheegay in uu yahay Seygeeda.

Gabadha oo aan magaceeda helin ayaa la sheegay in ay iska soo tuurtay daarta Hotelka uu ku yaalo oo ka kooban dhismo 3 dabaq ah ayaa la sheegay in uu dhaawac halis ah soo gaaray waxaana ay isku tuurtay dhinaca dhismaha Laamiga.

Dadkii arkay gabadha Saraakiisha Booliska Soomaaliya ayaa goobta tagay Islamarkaana gacanta ku dhigay Ninkii la joogay gabadha ayaa sheegay in ay Qoorta ka jabtay sidoo kale wijiga iyo Ilkaha bur bur uu ka soo gaaray waxaana la dhigay Isbitaal ku yaalo magaalada Muqdisho.

Saraakiil ka tirsan Booliska Gobalka Banaadir iyo Mid ka mid ah Shaqaalaha Hotelka ayaa ka soo xiganeynaa,

“Gabadha mudo 3 Habeen ah ayay Hotelka la daganeed nin dhalinyar ah waxayna ka timid Ceelasha Biyaha isagana waxa uu dagan yahay degmada Hiliwaa waxa uuna sheegay in uu qabo waxaana hada ninka uu ku xeran yahay Saldhigga degmada Howl-wadaag oo ah halka uu falka ka dhacay”

Sidoo kale Saraakiisha aan la hadalnay ayaa Idaacadda kulmiye u sheegay in ninka uu sheegay in Gabadha uu qabay maalmihii la soo dhaafayna ay isku buuqsanaayeen xiligii ay Dabaqa iska soo tuureysana uu ku maqnaa Maqaayad uu ka soo iibinayay Quraac.

Ma jirto cid si rasmi ah u xaqiijin karta waxa gabadha ku qasbay in ay iska soo tuurto dabaqa Balse wararka Madaxa banaan oo ay heshay Idaacadda Kulmiye ayaa sheeagayo in ay gabadha maalmahan ku nooleed buuq maskaxeed waana gabar ka yar da’da 20-ka Sano sida ay noo sheegeen dadkii arkay iyo Saraakiisha Booliska.

Ciidanka amaanka ayaa wado Baaritaan arintaan la xariiro waxayna sheegeen in ay ka warbixin doonaan markii uu soo dhamaado Baaritaankooda.

Sirdoonka Kenya ” Al-Shabaab waa Qatarta ugu weyn ee amaanka Kenya”

Muqdisho-KNN-Heey’adda Sirdoonka Kenya ayaa sheegtay in Al-sshabaab ay yihiin Qatarta ugu weeyn ee uu wajahayo Amaanka Qaranka Kenya.

Kulan uu la yeeshay Xillibaano ka Tirsan Baarlamaanka Kenya ayuu agasime ku xigeenka sirdoonka Kenya Alexander Muteshi u sheeegay in Qatar Badan ay ka jirto Afar Gobol ee xuduudda ku yaala ee Mandera, Wajir, Garissa iyo Lamu.

“Waxa hanjabaadda Halis ka dhigaya waa in ay beegsanayaan Kaniisadaha, Suuqyadda, Iskuuladda iyo meelaha kale ee Dadweeynaha” ayuu Mudaneyaasha Baarlamaanka u sheegay Alexander Muteshi

Waxa uu sheegay in sirdoonku uu abuuray adkeeysi loo maray dhalinyaraddda oo wax labaray.

Agaasime ku xigeenka Sirdoonka Kenya waxaa Hoosta ka xariiqay in Markii horeba Kenya ay la dalaadhaceeysay in ka badan 200 oo dhagaalame yaal ka tirsan Al-shabaab kuwaas oo Wadanka Kenya dib ugu labtay Deegaanadda Xeebta Bari ee Wadankaasna ay Galeen kuwaas oo beegsada Dadka Rayidka ah  ah iyo Ciidamadda booliiska.

Warkaan oo uu daabacay Daily nation ayey Sirdoonka Kenya ku muujiyeen Heerka ay la egtahay Qatarka ka imaaneeysa Al-shabaab ee ay wajahayaan Dadka Kenya gaar ahaan Dadka ku nool Goboladda xuduudda ku yaalla.

Sirdoonka Kenya oo kaashanaya qaybaha kala duwan ee Ciidamadda Amaanka ayaa ku dadaalaya in ay iska caabiyaan Howlgaladda Al-shabaab ay Wadankaasi ka fuliyaan.

Wixii ka dambeeyay markii Al-shabaab  ay Qorteen tiro badan oo Muwaadiniin Kenyan ah waxaa u suurta gashay in ay kordhiyaan Weeradda Kenya Gudaheeda ay ka fulinayaan.

Gobolka Lamu oo ay ku Taalo kaynta ay Al-shabaab ku dhuuntaan ee Kenya ayaa Martigaliyay Weeradda ugu Badan ee Kenya, sidoo kale Kenya ayaa Gobolkaas  ka howl galisay  Ciidamo Military ah oo loogu tallo galay in ay Al-shabaab kaynta kula Dagaalamaan.